Alex Lu

Alex is originally from San Francisco, CA and has worked as a Management Consultant and Program Manager for Silicon Valley tech companies for the past 15+ years.

He became a dog-person in college when his roommate went out for groceries and came back with a labrador-mix puppy. He trained Kona as a puppy and she grew up, but even after they graduated from college, they stayed connected. Kona lived in Southern California and lived to be 14 years old learning to love the beach, caring for her family, and always playing tug with a rope.


Dogs BOND was started a project to bring his friends and family closer together without the use of computer and phone screens. The game was designed to be casual and be played with the whole family participating. It really kicked into high gear when the game design was finalized and he sought out artists.

With this project, Alex wants to bring dog-people to boardgames and boardgamers to dog rescues. Infusing the story of a rescue journey into a joyful, whimsical, and hopeful message, Alex hopes that this game will bring both people and dogs together in the real world.