Sarah is a self-taught illustrator from Raleigh, NC. She’s spent 5 years as a freelance illustrator, content producer, and painting instructor; 10 years showing at conventions and expos, and 15 years fiddling around in Photoshop.


She’s a lifetime lover of all dogs, but can’t deny a favorite breed: the Boston Terrier.
Sarah fell in love with the breed after growing up with a Boston Terrier named Splash. Splash got his name because as a puppy first meeting Sarah, he jumped directly into a water dish and splattered everyone with slobber water. The name “Splash” stuck, and he carried it proudly for 15 years.

Dogs BOND was a project that Sarah found on a job board in Discord. She had her portfolio ready to go and some time to apply to a project; her preparation coincided with the opportunity and yielded the success you see today.


When it comes to the art in Dogs BOND, Sarah hopes to make dog lovers proud. Every breed has something special, and she hopes the art does our dog breeds justice!