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Dogs Bond Board Game

Top 6 Questions from Rescue Organizations

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Hello Rescue Family,

We are delighted that you’re joining us on this journey to make Dogs BOND the board game of all dog-people everywhere. We are bringing you advocacy, visibility, and of course financial donations!

We drafted up a timeline of our project and some FAQ answers. All of these are ideal dates, but we are very close to achieving this plan.

Here’s some history, what we’re doing, and what we need from you.

Your involvement is critical to the success Dogs BOND!

1. Is there a fee to join and become a rescue partner?

There are absolutely NO fees or costs to become a rescue partner with Dogs BOND. We want to work for you, our rescue family.

Our team of three are passionate about improving the lives of animals, and we celebrate the great work that volunteer-based rescue does in our shared mission.

2. What do the rescue partners have to do?

I) Share this project with your supporters.

a. Ask your supporters to Like/Follow DogsBONDgame on their favorite social media. We know you’ve worked very hard to gather the supporters you have today, and we are not buying your lists.

b. In person, on the phone, your next virtual meeting, and especially on social media - make Dogs BOND part of every conversation you have between now and when our Kickstarter is successful.

II) Post a link back to on your website

a. We need as much exposure as we can get to be successful. Starting now will improve our visibility across the internet! We want to be part of your pack too!

III) Connect on social media with Dogs BOND

a. Engage with our social media accounts as much as possible

i. Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube : dogsbondgame

b. Use #dogsbondgame in your next Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter messages to your supporters

3. When will rescues receive donations?

Target date for donations from our organization to yours is annually in December.

We are targeting July 31, 2020 to be the day we launch our Kickstarter. We have some requirements to fulfill for Kickstarter to approve the project, but we want to start the conversation NOW.

Once Kickstarter fundraising is done on September 1, 2020, we have to get through all the fulfillment and production needs, and other demands that Kickstarter has before they release the funds.

Dogs BOND is actively promoting itself to the board gaming communities, Kickstarter communities, Friendly Local Game Shops (FLGS), and of course dog-lovers. The more excitement and buzz we can create now the easier it will be to bring this project to life and make those donations at the end of the year.

4. What about cats? Why didn’t you make a game about cats?

We plan to! Upon the successful completion of Dogs BOND; our team is ready and positioned to also move forward to produce our next game – Cats BOND.

Our play system is called BOND, which focuses on the bonds of friendship, family, and love. We hope that we can create familiarity and recognition of this fun play style, similar to seeing different variations of “Clue”, “Monopoly”, or “Risk” as we push forwards and develop an entire family of games.

5. What dog breeds are in the game? Why not all breeds of dogs?

Our game starts with a golden retriever, border collie, jack russell terrier, pomeranian, labrador, and basset hound. We have designs for a boston terrier, and a german shepherd which will be unlocked, designed, and illustrated and included in the initial delivery of the game if we raise enough funding.

Of course, we would like to include additional dogs in the game, and we fully plan to work on expansions of the game to have all of our favorite breeds in the game. Doberman, pit bull, basenji, chihuahua, and many more are currently on the design board.

6. Why are you using Kickstarter? What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the #1 way for creators like us to reach out directly to the community to get our project funded. Otherwise, we’d have to go through a distribution house or some other middleman service which would mean we could donate less to you.

Kickstarter started in 2009 and has raised $5 billion from creative projects like this, from over 18 million active users worldwide. The most popular boardgame on Kickstarter had 219,000 backers and raised close to $9 million USD – with your help we can do that too!

If we are unsuccessful in meeting our funding goals, nobody who pre-ordered will be charged anything. There is very little risk to your organization, your supporters, or us.

If we are unsuccessful in meeting our funding goals, there will unfortunately be no monies to donate. Don’t let us fail!

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