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Dogs Bond Board Game
  • Upgraded Die

Upgraded Die

Show off your copy of Dogs BOND with the Kickstarter Backers' Choice Die: The Original Six!

This special add-on for Dogs BOND gives game enthusiasts and dog lovers a very satisfying "thud" with every roll of the die! Fall in love with the Mutt Mixes every time with the easy-to-read designs and large size for easy handling by small hands! Heck, add this to ANY of your board games! Just like dogs, we love being included!

Our graphic designer Kiki designed a beautiful and unique marbling color pattern on the die that matches our Instinct card color. The Mutt Mixes were placed on the die in size order, smallest to largest, on the six sides. Our Original Six Mutt Mixes for the game are Pomeranian, Jack Russell, Basset Hound, Border Collie, Labrador, and Golden Retriever.

This is a 25mm six-sided die, which is significantly larger than the standard 16mm six-sided die. The material is resin to make the sound louder and more emphatic.
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