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Dogs Bond Board Game

Retailer Pledge Information


Welcome to the Dogs BOND Retailer Pledge information page. You are the backbone of our gaming community, and we welcome you as partners in our journey. We are delighted you want to learn more about the retailer pledge for our Kickstarter campaign.


From August 5, 8:30am PDT, until the pledge manager closes, retailers can jump on board the exciting Kickstarter campaign. The Retailer Pledge is a $30 deposit that can be redeemed against your final order. BACK TO THE CAMPAIGN PAGE


To show our support, if you are a hobby and game store (i.e. brick and mortar retailer), we would like to offer you the following Retailer Pledge:


Retailer Pledge Rewards


- 5 or more copies of the game at 50% off the Kickstarter base pledge price.

- If you order 9 copies of the game at 50% off the Kickstarter base pledge price, you will receive 1 free demo copy. The demo copy will come unwrapped.

- Retailer Pledges will contain all unlocked Stretch Goals.

- As a verified retailer, you will receive a 50% discount on all non-limited add-ons offered during our Kickstarter campaign. Minimums will apply. 

Marketing Support

- Direct access to our game designer and developers for game-related queries.

- Your store will be included in the "Store Locator" on our website.

- Opportunities to have co-branded marketing materials for your store and Dogs BOND.

- Introductions to community leaders, local to you, who are Part of the Pack: Attract a loyal audience to your store!

- Send us photos of our game in your shop, and we'll share them on our social media!

To qualify for the Retailer Pledge, please note the following:

- Pledge using the email address associated with your store.

- Provide verification that you are indeed a brick and mortar store (no online retailers).

- Only confirmed retailers are eligible for the Retailer Pledge. We will reach out to you after the campaign is completed. Please do not contact us through Kickstarter Messages, as we may miss your email.

- Acknowledge that fulfillment of the Retailer Pledge will coincide with fulfillment to individual backers.

- Game pre-sales are permitted; however, retailers must commit to selling the game at no less than the base pledge price until the Kickstarter campaign's fulfillment is complete.

- A signed agreement between Dogs BOND and the respective retailer that sets out the above will be required before shipment. The remaining balance on your order will be due immediately before shipment.


To join our campaign, please back the Retailer Pledge, and we will contact you with information on how to proceed and complete verification.

If you have any questions, or have some opportunities for us to take advantage of during the campaign, please contact us at


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