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Dogs Bond Board Game

BARK with Us!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

With your support we can make Dogs BOND the board game for all dog people, friends, and families as we start coming back together in the real world.

Dogs BOND benefits from any signal boost we get from our supporters and it makes a huge impact for us. We've always depended on the crowd to help us achieve our goals! Can you take 5 minutes to introduce us to someone new?

Rescue Organizations - Fundraise with Dogs BOND

  1. We are developing a very simple affiliate link system that rescues can use and we will donate a portion of every sale back to them. No setup on their side, they just have to let their supporters know and share a link.

  2. If a rescue would like to purchase multiple copies of Dogs BOND for upcoming raffles / auction type fundraisers, we will work with them on a wholesale price.


Friendly Local Game Shops - Online DEMO events & Demo copies

  1. Would you like to see Dogs BOND in your local game shop's free to play library? We are working with retailers to make sure they can get demo copies of the game!

  2. We're eager to help our retailer friends in these challenging times. We would be happy to lead virtual demos that your FLGS can promote to their audience!

Board Game Reviewers - Game Reviews, Demos, Interviews

  1. We developed an entire Dogs BOND media room for media outlets and content creators to check out our project!

Virtual Online Game Conventions - Demos

  1. If you hear about a board game happening virtually please let us know! We're especially practiced at Discord online conventions now!

Dogs BOND is on a trajectory to grow as big as the hearts of those who share in our mission to improve the well being of animals! We've been so fortunate to have a supportive fanbase like you! Thank you for taking the time to join the pack and our journey.

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