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Dogs Bond Board Game

Delivery Date: Late Summer & Shipping FAQ - Updated June 2, 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

We've gotten a lot of good questions from our backers about shipping and fulfillment. We're still new to worldwide shipping but we're making several advances in the process. We'll keep this up to date as more details become available.

Q: When do I get my copy of Dogs BOND?

A: Our expected delivery date is Late Summer 2021.

Q: Can I change my shipping address?

A: Please login to to update your shipping requirements and details. Backers from Kickstarter would have received their confirmation and other details from the campaign.

Q: Are there any risks to the project, the game delivery, or timeline?

Shipping and logistics are dependent upon the completion of the printing, so I've put together some best guesses.

Current schedule:

COMPLETE - approval of proof/production copy

June 25th, 2021 - BODA games will complete printing / packaging of the games

Late June - truck from factory to dock

Early July - picked up and loaded on to ship

July - arrives in Portland

July - cleared customs / offloaded from ship

July - arrives at warehouse

August - in the mail to backers

Late August arrivals of all official copies to our backers

Impacts to the timelines at this point:

+3 weeks printing prioritization at factory and quality assurance process

+2 weeks for the loading / shipping of the game (prioritization of perishable goods by the shipping companies, and Suez Canal debacle)

+1 weeks to offload from ship

+1 weeks to clear customs since this is our first project and customs is scrutinizing stuff from China

Late Summer for the delivery of games to our backers

Q: Why does shipping cost so much?

A: We fulfilled our project goals in September of 2020, and our plan was always to deliver in 2021. We projected shipping costs around the world as best we could given the 2020 rates AND the fact that the world economy was expecting certain changes with the new year, Brexit, and other world events. We are at the mercy of market shipping rates but we are doing all we can to minimize shipping costs for our backers - Kickstarter, retail, late pledge, and everyone in between.

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