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Dogs Bond Board Game

BARK! BARK! Rescues - Your Turn!

It's time to move our pack membership to the next level! Are you ready to start receiving donations? Are you open to multiple audiences donating to your organization? Let's open our hearts and work together to make this happen.

COLLECT Donations from Dogs BOND Directly


  2. Dogs BOND will take a portion of our direct sales and donate them to our partner rescues, divided equally. No matter what size or where you are located we will donate towards your organization.


  1. We have created a very simple affiliate marketing system, where rescue organizations can simply share a URL with their audience and use Dogs BOND as a fundraising tool. Rescues get a % donation of these sales that are directly attributed to them.

  2. If a rescue would like to purchase multiple copies of Dogs BOND for upcoming raffles / auction type fundraisers, we will work with them on a wholesale price.

  3. Learn more and sign up at

REFER Friendly Local Game Shops - Get Donations from Retail Purchases

  1. Use our pre-written email templates and share Dogs BOND with the board game shops in the area you cover. If a Re-tailer (get it?) makes a purchase from us based on your recommendation we will attribute the sale to your organization.

  2. Have them send us an email to to verify they are a brick-and-mortar business. Sorry, no online retailers at this time.

REFER Board Game Reviewers, YouTubers, Influencers, Podcasters & more -

Get Donations Through More Partners

  1. If you know any of the above mentioned content creators, we'd love to work with them. We will work with all parties to create a win-win-win arrangement where the content creators can choose your rescue can raise funds for you!

  2. We developed an entire Dogs BOND media room for media outlets and content creators to check out our project and fundraise on your behalf.

  3. Have them email us at and we'll work out the details!

IDENTIFY Virtual Online Game Conventions - Get the Word Out

  1. If you hear about a board game happening virtually please let us know! We're especially practiced at Discord online conventions now!

Dogs BOND is on a trajectory to grow as big as the hearts of those who share in our mission to improve the well being of animals! We've been so fortunate to have a supportive community like you! Thank you for taking the time to join the pack and our journey.

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