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Dogs Bond Board Game

Dec 11, 2020: Production / Timeline Updates!

We're excited! You're excited! Let's do this thing!

Baltimore, Maryland: Alex and Sarah made plans to meet one another (Covid testing, quarantine precautions were adhered to) on December 4th. The plan: to review the Pre-Production Copy arriving from the factory. Quality review and final changes and updates can be made to the digital files in advance of printing.

Production: It's hard to contain the excitement of having the PPC in our hands, and having the finish line in our grasp is a surreal feeling. We have to manage our desire to just hit "go" with our standard of quality for the game.

Most everything that we've gotten meets and exceeds our expectations. Here's some of the conversations we've had: "It's weird to say that I have no notes for specific cards. Like, we knew we'd get here but to say it is totally done is a little surreal!" ~Sarah

"How about the soft finish on the boards?" ~Sarah

"SO SOFT." ~Alex

"IT'S GREAT." ~Kiki

"Yeah I'm super into it." ~Sarah

Kickstarter Backer's Choice Dice: The moment we've been eagerly awaiting is here! The dice design was voted by our backers via the CrowdOx survey. We tallied all the votes, and winning by a 10% margin are the Original Six Dogs! As always, Sarah did the illustrations and Kiki made the vectors which allow for this stunning design to work!

"I LOVE THIS DIE what the heck" ~Kiki

Timelines are still mostly on track; but there are known risks to our project that are outside of our control. The team is working hard to try to get up, over, around, and through the obstacles as they present themselves.


Potential Risks to the Timeline

  1. Covid: The global health crisis has delayed several points in the world supply chain. Unfortunately, we're just not big enough to be prioritized over some of the other larger projects.

  2. Chinese New Year: Shipping over the ocean is challenging enough, however there are other delays that may happen moving our materials across land. Trucks are in shorter supply and truck drivers must take additional health precautions.

Thank you all for your support!


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