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Dogs Bond Board Game

Dogs BOND Seeks to Raise Additional $10,000 by Sept. 4, 2020

Dogs BOND - a board game focusing on the animal rescue world - seeks to raise additional $10,000 by Sept. 4, 2020

SAN JOSEAug. 19, 2020 - Dogs BOND, an independent board game, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds towards printing and production costs on Aug. 5. The project has already raised over 50% of their $20,000 total funding goal, with 15 days remaining to fully fund the project. The funds are to be used for printing, quality control, safety testing, and fulfillment to customers.

“Board games have the profound opportunity to bring us together and share an experience through story, art, and friendly competition,” said Alex Lu, game designer of Dogs BOND. “Through our commitment to creating something to infuse the rescue story with empathy and hope, we aim to promote more responsible animal ownership, drive more successful adoption outcomes, and add an inclusive game to game nights by providing hours of entertainment for families and friends.”

Dogs BOND asks players to explore a journey as a rescue dog in a shelter environment. Dogs BOND brings inclusion, diversity, and representation through the characters and illustration, while some parts of industry continue to explore positions on social issues.

After all board game meetups and conventions were effectively cancelled due to the pandemic, Dogs BOND built partnerships with volunteer-based animal rescues through the shared desire to improve the lives of animals.

“Through the partnerships, Dogs BOND has been made even more effective and successful with the art, game design, and storytelling,” said Lu. “I hope this game can become the board game for dog lovers worldwide.”

Dogs BOND is a board game where players collect and sometimes compete for attributes to be adopted into one of six forever homes. Dogs BOND is a team of 3 passionate creatives dedicated to delivering “pawsitive” change to the conversation of rescue and adoption.


Press Contacts

Alex Lu


Addy Dawes

Golden Gate Basset Rescue

Jen Michocko

Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD

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