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Social Media for Rescues: Dec 2022

Several rescue partners have thanked us for putting together the content calendars and providing them in an easy, digestible format. The reason is that preparing your social media calendar early allows you to focus on the things that matter most - the animals. But a bit of preparation can save you a lot of headache and heartache down the line.

Please remember to login and update your affiliate partner portal so that any sales are credited to your organization and we can appropriately pay you out before the end of 2022!

This is a list of December's upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will inspire some of our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Let us contribute our likes, retweets, and shares to you - just tag us using @dogsbondgame on any of your posts!


Please remember to login and update your affiliate partner portal so that any sales are credited to your organization and we can appropriately pay you out before the end of 2022!

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Dec. 1: #CelebrateShelterPetsDayCelebrate this day by encouraging shelters to post adoption stories and available pets to commemorate the occasion, using the #CelebrateShelterPetsDay. This is also a good time to remind people that animals are not to be given as pets lightly. It is a lifelong commitment. Don't let this pass by.

Dec. 1: #NationalTwinWithYourDogDayPlan a twinning party at home for your family, friends and their dogs and get dressed up for the occasion. Get creative and make your own twinning accessories, post photos of you and your dog in your fabulous twinning outfits on social media.

Dec. 2: #NationalMuttDay - Let’s promote adoption, volunteering, and donation to animal shelters and show everyone that a dog’s individual personality matters more than their pedigree.

Dec. 9: #InternationalDayofVeterinaryMedicineThis day is celebrated by showing your veterinarian some extra love. Something as simple as a card to let them know how much their work means to you. Ask your vet for a top tip to share with the community

Dec. 10: #InternationalAnimalRightsDayThis holiday is shared with Human Rights Day, as it should be, because animals have the right to be treated with respect. Acts of cruelty against them need to end just as much as for humans. Write an article on animal rights for your local newspaper.

Dec. 15: #NationalCatHerdersDayHost a pizza party or an award ceremony, regardless of the event, celebrate your team efforts when goals are reached. Whether celebrating at work or home, appreciate everything accomplished in 2022, even small victories make you a champion.

Take yourself out for a meal, go shopping, buy your favorite ice cream. Whatever you want – today is the day to spend on you, enjoy you, appreciate you.

Dec. 21: #UnderdogdayUnderdogs inspire us, they remind us of our potential, they motivate us to get out there and make a difference in our life and the lives of others. Tell your underdog story, use #Underdogday

Dec. 24: #ChristmasEveChristmas has the power to reunite families and friends, warm up hearts, and remind us that we have so many things to be thankful for. So put up your cozy PJs, light up your fireplace, call your loved ones, and top off your hot cocoa with some fluffy marshmallows. Its Christmas season, chill with families and friends, play games together and dine together. Share some photos of your animals dressed up, or better yet when they open their presents.

Dec. 31: #NewYearsEve We all know that the end of the year will be celebrated with fireworks. Be extra careful and secure your animal at home. More animals are lost during this time than any other. While you're at home making sure your animal is safe and sound, let's play one last Dogs BOND for 2022 with families and friends, and share who wins.

That's what we've found for this upcoming month of December!

I'd love to get your thoughts, feedback, and of course ideas on how I might be able to build this into a greater resource for rescues! Have a great finish to 2022!

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