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Dogs Bond Board Game

Dogs BOND - The Kickoff


My name is Alex and I'm the creator / designer of Dogs BOND. It's a card game where players become a dog at a shelter; where they collect and compete for the attributes they need to be adopted into a forever home.

I've been working on this game design since 2017, and I've finally gotten it to a point where I can start the work needed to make this game a reality.

I'm looking for an artist or team of artists to make this game a reality. There is a ton of talent out in the wild internet and I'm just hoping the right person or people will come along this post and join my team.

This is a paid opportunity and I'm hoping that if you're just as hungry as I am will see this and join me. Take a look at my video where I explain more about what I'm looking for in a team member. Thank you!

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