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Dogs Bond Board Game

Feb 2, 2021: Production / Timeline Updates!

Happy 2021 Everyone!

Sorry we didn't put an update online sooner, we've been pretty heads down doing the work and we're a little behind on reporting the news. Here's the latest!

Dogs BOND test print being cut on a CAMEO cutting machine
Test Printing at Home

North Carolina: Kiki worked tirelessly through Alex's many (many) updates and efforts throughout December and January.

We finished the card layouts, text formatting, grammar in the instructions, and so ..


We are working with BODA games to produce high quality copies of Dogs BOND. We are excited to work with seasoned professionals in the industry who have produced dozens of other popular titles and are no strangers to working with small indie game projects like ours.

Child Safety Testing: EN-71 and ASTMf963

Our aim is to create a great gaming experience, especially for first-time and young players. In alignment with that goal, we are sending the game through child safety testing to ensure that the game complies with all necessary compliance laws internationally.

There is one test (EN-71) which applies for the EU region, and the ASTMf963 which applies for the Americas / specifically the USA. These safety tests are required for products that aim to target players that are younger than age 14.

Other games skip the child safety testing steps because it's expensive and takes time; however we feel that is a disservice to the board game hobby. We know many games are able to be played by younger players, but those games are marked for 14+ because some groups may not feel it's worthwhile. We want to be a game that many generations within a family can play with confidence!

DELIVERY STILL ON SCHEDULE FOR MAY 2021 - But there are some risks

Upcoming Impact to the Timeline

  1. Covid: The global health crisis has delayed several points in the world supply chain. Unfortunately, we're just not big enough to be prioritized over some of the other larger projects.

  2. We are working with our manufacturer to be prioritized as soon as possible which we hope will be sometime in early March. We are not yet clear on what the impact to our delivery dates are but we will keep you informed.

Potential Risks to the Timeline

  1. Chinese New Year: Shipping over the ocean is challenging enough, however there are other delays that may happen moving our materials across land. Trucks are in shorter supply and truck drivers must take additional health precautions.

Thank you all for your support!

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