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Happy Tails! Aurora & Freya

What would our project be without some stories about rescue dogs? This is a feel good story you're going to love.

Meet Aurora (left) and Freya (right). These are two 5-week old Great Pyrenees Mutt Mixes. Obviously there are some very dominant Great Pyrenees traits going on here; but what's most important is that they now have loving homes!

Both of these puppies came from known owners and are being adopted by two of Alex's friends. Aurora will be living in California and Freya will move to Washington but the great news is that they'll still be able to see each other every so often because their new humans know each other very well.

In the future, I'll be working with our Partner Rescues to try to get more Happy Tails stories! For now, if you're eager to get us a story for Happy Tails please email us at and we'll work to get your story online!

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