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Inspiration: Fresh Off The Boat

It's really funny where inspiration comes from when you're developing a game in your spare time. Especially when it's a passion project and on that low simmer.

It was summer of 2017, Fresh off the Boat was really big on TV. Being a real shining beacon of the Asian American experience on television, it was something that I wanted to support and watched on live TV. With commercials and everything!

The season 3 finale was titled This Isn't Us, and it spoke to me about the feelings you have moving from one place to another that just isn't right - and then moving back. The episode aired and I think I was standing over some mocked up cards and thought, how can I make a card that affects all the player strategies potentially equal?

Adopters moving away definitely made it seemingly equal, since the entire board state changes. Maybe everyone is affected or maybe nobody is affected - but in the game I thought - what if they might have a chance to move back?! So I took the inspiration from the show, and actually made it into two cards that do similar things but are just different enough.

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