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Dogs Bond Board Game

July 3, 2021: Production / Timeline Updates

Hello Dogs BOND Pack Members!

TL;DR: GREAT NEWS. 1. Dogs BOND is officially in print

2. Passed all child safety checks for US and EU requirements

3. Custom illustration cards are officially in hand

The game we all worked so hard to bring to life is on its way – we are just as excited for the game as you are. I’m is still trying not to explode from the anticipation. We’re so close!

1. Dogs BOND : Printing is Complete!

WHAT? WHAT!?! Our little-project-that-could is printed, reviewed, and packaged up just ready to be shipped to our backers worldwide! What an incredible journey it’s been to get from the “ruff” concept to the final form!

A big thanks, as always, to Sarah and Kiki who have stuck with me throughout the entire process to ensure that the emphasis on quality was always forefront for our project. There were hard decisions to make, and especially since we couldn’t just walk down the street to see how things were going there was a lot of extra emphasis that we placed on making sure any files that were sent across were going to be amazing quality.

“Seeing the games in that wrap makes me want to rip it all open!” ~Sarah

“Finally!” ~Kiki

“It feels like I can almost touch the games!” ~Alex

2. Dogs BOND passes US & EU safety standards!

There wasn’t really any doubt that our project would pass those standards, but because we’re a mission-driven project it was very important that you and your family could have 1000% confidence in what we produced. We talked a bit more about them in this previous update; but the fact that we’ve passed both standards is a huge milestone!

3. Dogs BOND custom illustrations cards are done! They look AMAZING.

“Joy” is a word I use a lot on this project, but getting to see all of these custom illustrations which are based on real dogs just made my heart SING when we got them from the short-run printer. These are the same level quality as what’s in all of our games. It was extra special for our backers who were able to work directly with Sarah! What gorgeous dogs! They all have a super special ability that is only available through our Kickstarter – and Kiki did the special icon design for their abilities too!

“The colors and design really bring out the character in each of these dogs!” ~Kiki

“These were amazing to paint. I really enjoyed getting to know each of the dogs.” ~Sarah

“The same joy I felt when I got one dog at a time for the base set, it’s the same feeling I have all over right now. But for all these dogs! ” ~Alex

Thanks to our backers Adam and George who gave us permission to share these great cards with everyone in this update! Want to know what the backs look like? You'll have to ask for permission in the comments! Want to see the other cards? Ask for it in the comments!

4. What's Next for the Backers?

Sit back and relax. We're working hard on this side to navigate the high seas to get freight shipping confirmed. There are some challenges that we mentioned in our previous update, but we are working with professionals in the industry to help steer the ship towards friendly shores.

As always, send us any questions!

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