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Dogs Bond Board Game

Maintaining Project Transparency

Hello, thank you, welcome, and wow!

Can I just say ‘thank you’ one more time to everyone who supported us across the past 3 years to bring Dogs BOND to life? Thank you to each and every one of you! It's been an amazing journey thus far and there's still a lot to do!

Now that Dogs BOND has been 'adopted' by our backers, we're off to the races to get printing and fulfillment underway. I'm making a few adjustments to our program to make sure we can keep everyone updated without overwhelming anyone - ourselves included!


We did a lot in the past few months trying to be everywhere and communicate in every possible fashion to get funded. Now that the team is more focused on printing and fulfillment of the game, we're going to be more selective with how much we ping you and through what channel.

Website Blog

This is where I'll put the long-form detailed version of everything. We will continue our commitment of being transparent in what we're doing for you - so you'll have the most comprehensive series of updates on the website. Things like events, production updates, fulfillment updates, FAQ, will all be posted here.

Emails Maybe Once or Twice a Month

Our emails are going to be shorter and link to our full-length content. Some might think of this as a newsletter, but our intent is to keep messaging to crisp messaging. That way you can click on what's interesting to you!

Kickstarter Updates (which are also emails, sorry) for Major Production Milestones

One commitment we have for project transparency is to keep Kickstarter Updates flowing with information about the printing and fulfillment. We will include only information about the printing and fulfillment delivery via Kickstarter Updates. Things like, when we start printing, shipping, and of course delivery!

Social Media (Facebook / IG / Twitter)

We want to engage with you often on these platforms, but we're going to be focused on producing great quality copies of the game. So you'll see a lot of concepts and other neat ideas, as well as relevant updates here that we'd love for you to share with friends! We also welcome your thumbs!

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