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Dogs Bond Board Game

Live in 4 Days on Kickstarter!

Happy Dogust 1st Everyone!

Honestly I need to be better about posting to the blog; it's just that there's been a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes and we're hyper focused on the Kickstarter Launch - which I couldn't possibly be prouder to share with you all.

August (Dogust) 1st is the Universal Birthday for all Shelter Dogs. And of course we're celebrating that with a little birthday note and having our rescue partners post up some of their active rescues to our page!

It's all coming to a moment of truth, and I'm delighted every day with the team. Granted, the team is Sarah, Kiki, and myself - but this small and mighty team is really doing great work and I am going to be proud of this moment for a long time!

We've been focusing a lot of energy on the Kickstarter page but I promise we're going to work to keep everyone updated on both our blog and the Updates page on our Kickstarter once that's live!

Until then, happy birthday to all of our active rescue dogs! And if you're free this evening you can join myself, Kiki, and Sarah as we get some visiting time and play another round of Dogs BOND with our virtual table top simulator cards!

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