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Dogs Bond Board Game

Printing, Fulfillment, & Shipping - Oh My!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It's been a fast month since we funded, but the team has been working extremely hard to move forward with production of Dogs BOND! There were a few delays due to the pandemic but we are overcoming them. Thank you for your patience.

Printing - We've narrowed down our printing vendor and we should be signing contracts with them over the weekend. We are behind several other projects that were backlogged due to the global health crisis.

Fulfillment - Simultaneously we have narrowed down the fulfillment centers who will help us take the game and appropriately manage customs. Estimates for delivery is still May 2021.

Shipping - We have put forward shipping estimates as best we could. These estimates should maintain, but we are at the mercy of market and political forces. We are working to find the least expensive shipping options that will also guarantee that your games get to you - undamaged.

FAQ: What can you do about shipping costs?

We are working with brick-and-mortar game shops in attempts to provide local pickup and greatly reduce your shipping cost. Ask your local game shop for details, or drop us an email for your friendly local game shop and we'll inquire for you.

For our backers in Hawaii -

Our shipping estimates were off. Sorry about that. In reality, it's going to cost $21 to ship each copy so your shipping costs are higher than our estimate of $16. We are going to subsidize a little more than 50% of that cost which should be reflected in your pledge surveys.

We are working to find a solution: potential local pickup on the island. If we get additional backers / copies sold to Hawaii, we can bulk ship to our partners at KawaiiKon or a local game shop to facilitate a local pickup for Oahu.

Thank you all for your patience! We're working hard to push forwards and get this game production underway!

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