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Dogs Bond Board Game

Production / Fulfillment / Late Pledges

As much of a hill-climb as the actual Kickstarter was - the fun is only just beginning. With your support, we're now able to engage with printing and production companies, fulfillment, and of course printing.

Here's where we are and what's coming next:


We are working to finalize the contract terms with our printers and producers for the game. Your backing is essential for getting us an opportunity to meet with great companies that otherwise wouldn't deal with small time games like ours. We're working to secure the very best in the industry to create this beautiful game up to the high standards that our backers deserve.


Working closely with fulfillment partners that can give us worldwide coverage is crucial. We are navigating some choppy waters that include challenges like freight across international zones as well as local customs costs. All the while we are working to minimize the shipping costs to all of our backers so stay tuned as we continue to work these deals.


Over a dozen inquiries have come in regarding the ability to sign up for a late pledge. We are working on the technology side and the Kickstarter side to allow for this. We didn't expect such an enthusiasm to carry over after the campaign so we appreciate everyone's patience as we get this setup. More details to come on this as we are able to get these arrangements made.

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Oct 20, 2021

Appreciate you blogging this

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