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Dogs Bond Board Game

Nov 24, 2020: Production / Timeline Updates!

Ever seen those really creative posts that set a tone or a mood before they tell you what's going on? Nevermind that! Let's get right to it!

Production wise we're moving forwards as fast as we possibly can. Here's what we've been working on since our last update.

  1. Color corrections from the printer - as we've been working with the printing vendor for our game, the color saturation values in our artwork seemed to be missing something and getting a little lost in the print. Sarah and Kiki are working diligently and carefully to make sure that our game has that great look that you'll enjoy visiting with - even if you're not playing the game!

  2. The Game "Feel" - getting the right paper feel for the game can make a great deal of difference. You know the kinds of card games where any bit of water will melt your game? We didn't want that either. We're looking at getting a higher quality of paper and matte finish which means that your game cards will last a lot longer!

  3. The Kickstarter Exclusive Backer's Choice Dice - this part of the project we know you'll be really excited about. Once we have the mockup in hand, the quality and difference will be abundantly clear. Kickstarter Backers were able to voice their opinion into what kind of design would be on our special Kickstarter dice and we're almost ready to reveal the results and the design!

Timelines are challenging in today's world due to several challenges that the Global Health Crisis present. That said, we're actually doing well on our list of to-do's as well as moving quickly with suppliers and vendors that know how to prioritize health and human safety while getting the job done!

Up Next

  1. Pre-Production Copy Review - Alex and Sarah are getting together to review the print of the game. This is a critical step because digital colors, printing, and design can sometimes have minor problems that you cannot solve over a video chat. The team will use their human eyes to review every single aspect of the pre-production copy to ensure that Dogs BOND and high quality are synonymous.

  2. Dogs BOND Instructions - As you can imagine, writing the rulebook for a game is a lot of fun but it's also got to anticipate many answers for folks prior to them getting into the game. We're using everything that we've been learning at virtual conferences, virtual playtesting, and of course conversations with our own friends and family to make the instructions simple and clear.

We are still on target to deliver by May 2021! There are still a few hurdles for us to get through but the major challenges are definitely behind us. Now we are dogging the details!

Pre-Orders Still Open: We're still able to put forwards official Dogs BOND copies out at a preorder price. If you haven't yet, please consider sharing our project with a friend or twelve!

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