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Dogs Bond Board Game

Representation and Diversity MATTER

We Hear You!

We've gotten some great feedback about Dogs BOND in just a few short days! People love our theme, our message, our art, and of course that we're on Kickstarter!

As we proceed together on our journey to make the board game that dog lovers are talking about for the next few years - many fans and backers are asking us about adding additional dog breeds and mixes to the game. Diversity and representation matter, not only in our eight adopters, but in our mutts as well.

Sarah, Kiki, and I are working together to take a look at some of the game design elements that we've got for additional dogs to be represented in the game. I built a game system which is expandable and flexible so I'm hopeful we can make good progress on some of the designs that were on the drawing board.

Got a recommendation or for a particular breed you'd like to see represented in the game? Let us know in the comments section of our Kickstarter.

We're working for you, so your input and energy is crucial to our success. Don't forget to share this project with a friend today if you haven't!

Thank you, everyone!


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