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Dogs Bond Board Game

Social Media for Rescues: Dec 2021

A lot of organizations will give you a recap of the year in December. For us, it's been a wild ride that culminates with our board game arriving in the hands of most of our backers!

We hope that our rescue partners are finding our resources helpful to your efforts, and definitely as a useful fundraising tool. We are pulling together more materials and plan to be your companions through another year of adventures together.

These are the upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will inspire some of our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Let us contribute our likes, retweets, and shares to you - just tag us using @dogsbondgame on any of your posts!


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still listing us as robots when we like/follow as many of the rescues as we do - so please like/follow us using your social media first so we can hit that "Follow Back" button.

Find us @dogsbondgame on all of your favorite social media


#PetSuffocationAwarenessWeek - As challenging as it is, there are still challenges that we can help educate the general public about. Keeping things like this in the forefront help make more informed and responsible pet owners.


Dec 2: #NationalMuttDay - Again? Yes! I guess there's two of them this year?

Dec 4: #NationalSockDay - Well, who doesn't love socks? But did you also know that if a pup gets lost and they cannot find their way home, you can put smelly socks next to water and the pup will be able to use the familiar scent to find their way home?

Dec 9: International Day of Veterinary Medicine - A big day, and I know many of our rescue partners partner with organizations around the world. Thank you again to all of our veterinarian resources around the globe!

That's what we've found for this upcoming month of December!

Did I miss anything? I welcome thoughts, feedback, and of course ideas on how I might be able to build this into a greater resource for rescues! Have a great December and a happy holiday season!

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