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Dogs Bond Board Game

Social Media for Rescues: July 2021

So July kinda snuck up on me! Sorry for the delay. June was a good month for jobs, people, and animals - mostly. The emphasis for us in this thread is to provide some easy tips and upcoming ideas around social media content for our rescue partners.

This is July's upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will inspire some of our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Let us contribute our likes, retweets, and shares to you - just tag us using @dogsbondgame on any of your posts!


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still listing us as robots when we like/follow as many of the rescues as we do - so please like/follow us using your social media first so we can hit that "Follow Back" button.


Dog House Repairs Month - this doesn't have an official "hashtag" but it's one of those things that we have to be mindful of! Just as we've spent time in our own homes, when is the last time you looked at your dog's outdoor shelter? Sometime to consider for sure!

#NationalHopAParkDay - we know your furry friends would love this.


Sure, they're cute too!

Since we gave our dogs and cats quite a fright over the past few days with the 4th of July fireworks, perhaps we can make it up to them with a photo day!

We've discussed it before, and in California we are facing a big drought! So make sure you and your supporters all have a plan in case there's a fire for your furry family members.

Well, sometimes we just have to forgive them.

So I immediately thought this was about dogs being left in cars, but it's about food. Since we know hotdogs come in packs of 8; and so do the pups in Dogs BOND; make sure you help folks remember!

How many people have a friend's dog that they take care of very frequently. Give a shoutout to those who are in your tribe and village that contribute so much to the health, socialization, temperament, and of course exercise of our animals!

Summer time means that kids are out of school (usually) and they're hopefully using that time constructively! Maybe you've got some volunteers you'd like to celebrate during this day!

Let's see 'em!

I'd love to get your thoughts, feedback, and of course ideas on how I might be able to build this into a greater resource for rescues! Have a great July!

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