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Social Media for Rescues: July 2022

Well it's pretty neat, being overseas for the 4th of July. I think that there's a definite sense of pride, enthusiasm, and genuine appreciation for what the USA has and is offering to other nations. That's probably just an opinion of someone who is mostly positive on the world that's run by the good people - but that's what you see when you work with and celebrate and support rescue. People giving so much. That's who you surround yourself with.

I found these upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will help our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Let us contribute our likes, retweets, and shares to you - just tag us using @dogsbondgame on any of your posts!


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still listing us as robots when we like/follow as many of the rescues as we do - so please like/follow us using your social media first so we can hit that "Follow Back" button.

Find us @dogsbondgame on all of your favorite social media


July: Dog House Repairs Month - We've spent so much time in our own homes making our home a better place for ourselves. It's time to think about doing a little refresh on the look and the gear that the dog gets.


July 1: #IDYourPetDayLet’s urge pet owners to make sure their pet has proper identification. The need for proper ID tags will help your beloved pet if missing or lost. Share a success story of how you helped a missing pet.

July 9: #CoonDogDay - There's a festival is Saluda, North Carolina that is the perfect excuse to celebrate coonhounds everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you have a coondog or not. Just another fun day to celebrate your dog.

July 10: #NationalKittenDayPlay with your kitten or bring her a new toy. Visit a shelter and adopt a kitten today if you have none too. Share that selfie you took while at the cat cafe.

July 11: #PetPhotoDayGo to the pet salon and have a day to treat your fur family member. Why not? Since our friends are only with us for a short period of time, take them to a pet portrait spot and let them get a little photo shoot day.

July 15: #NationalPetFireSafetyDayResearch shows that over thousand home fires are accidentally started by pets per year. Learn about the fire safety measures to keep your pet safe when you are out of the house. Share some tips about animal fire safety.

July 16: #FelineLeukemiaDay – early detection is the key here. Talk to your family vet to learn more about this kind of disease and if your animal might be affected by it. We want yours to be a #cancerfree household.

July 21: #NoPetStorePuppiesDayDog brokers are middlemen who obtain puppies from puppy mills in bulk and distribute them to retailers. Let’s help end the cruel breeding industry by opting to adopt your next puppy and also encourage your friends and family to do same.

July 22: #AAHA- AccreditedHospitalDay or AAHADay – Let’s celebrate all veterinary teams who do the hard work to uphold the highest standards in medicine and patient care. Appreciate a vet officer in your community.

July 26: #NationalDogPhotographyDayThe perfect day to post as many photos of your companion, beloved, caring, protector and furry friend. Share as many photos with hashtag #NationalDogPhotographyDay

July 31: #NationalMuttDay - Mutts are adorable and there’s no denying that. Their floppy ears, patches of different colored fur and deep loving eyes, and that 'awww' factor. Let’s promote adoption from animal shelters and show everyone that a dog’s individual personality matters more than their pedigree.

There you have them! Hopefully this set of social media hashtags and content help you out and you can share them with your audience.

Let’s keep in touch with these social media hashtags, and make sure that our partners have a headstart on their social media planning as possible. Thanks everyone!


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