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Dogs Bond Board Game

Social Media for Rescues: June 2021

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

And then it was June! There's a lot of good reasons to celebrate and to be much more "pawsitive" in our overall communication. As communities start going back to the office and out to restaurants, it's going to be challenging to stay relevant and top of mind for small projects and rescues like ours. Remember to focus on the good work that you're all doing, and celebrate that effort!

This is June's upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will inspire some of our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Use your own photos and then tag #dogsbondgame so we can like and boost your post!


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still listing us as robots when we like/follow as many of the rescues as we do - so please like/follow us using your social media first so we can hit that "Follow Back" button.


Yes, we still care about our feline friends even though this particular board game isn't about them!

Have a plan, a medkit, and most importantly communicate that to one another. Encourage each other to build those plans into your emergency preparedness conversations.

This is obviously very important for all of our volunteer run partner rescues. We have all started to see / hear about rescues being returned to shelters; so we need to be cognizant about our plans for fostering as we go forwards.

Funny enough, I've been looking at microchipping my tortoises but that doesn't seem to be really necessary at this time.


A great opportunity to connect back to the folks you've worked so hard with to adopt to, give your supporters a chance to create their own posts about your wonderful organization

Sometimes animal rights gets swept up in the conversation; but it's important to demonstrate that legislation also puts a huge burden on our animals. Things like Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that ban dog breeds outright are what our project stands against through education and compassion.


What better way than to celebrate man's best friend?

You can also use #rainbowbridge

June 20: #FathersDay

I haven't found a #DogDadsDay yet. Anyone?

Ain't no party like a puppy party!

Maybe we'll have to launch Cats BOND on this day.

I'd love to get your thoughts, feedback, and of course ideas on how I might be able to build this into a greater resource for rescues! Have a great June!

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