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Social Media for Rescues: May 2022

After a bit of a hiatus and a refocus of the energy and mental faculties, I think we're getting back into the swing of things. There was a big purchase by a distributor in South Africa and right now I'm working to expand on that partnership to see where it takes us. There are so many animal rescues in SA that I'm hoping that we have a similarly prosperous opportunity to work with them as we have in the USA.

Let's take a look at the upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will inspire some of our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Let us contribute our likes, retweets, and shares to you - just tag us using @dogsbondgame on any of your posts!


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still listing us as robots when we like/follow as many of the rescues as we do - so please like/follow us using your social media first so we can hit that "Follow Back" button.

Find us @dogsbondgame on all of your favorite social media


May 1-7: #NationalPetWeekWhether companion, comedian, or protector, our pets are always there for us. Let’s celebrates this bond with our pets, take them for a walk, take photos together with them and share your success story.


May 1: #NationalPurebredDogDayIn my research for Dogs BOND, I was surprised to find that as much as 15% of shelter animals are pure bred animals. Share a success story about purebred dog who came into your life and gave you more love than you ever thought possible.

May 3: #NationalSpeciallyAbledPetsDayAn awareness day to celebrate pets who have physical, neurological, behavior or chronic conditions which makes them one of the most vulnerable populations in animal shelter. But that will to live and their ability to just brighten your day is impossible to resist. Share your fur babies with super powers! Using #NationalSpeciallyAbledPetsDay.

May 8: #MothersDayLet's give a little credit where a lot of credit is due. Let’s celebrate our mothers today buy showering gift of all sorts on them and share a photo collage of yourself and mum using happy #MothersDay.

May 10: #GermanShepherdDayA most noble breed, very smart, protective of their loved ones, and loving companions. You guessed who I'm talking about. German shepherd dogs are the incredible animals. Share a success story of how you got rescued by a German shepherd dog.

May 14: #NationalDogMomsDayLet’s celebrate the pup-loving moms in your community, to acknowledge their special kind of motherhood.

May 20: #NationalRescueDogDay - This might be the very reason why I got into this business. Well, I know it is. Talk about how a rescue dog changed your life and what you've contributed to the world as a result.

May 29: #NationalDogFriendlyDayA day to brag about your beloved pet, celebrate it by pinning a lovely story about the joy and happiness it has brought into your life, share your pet’s name, breed and a snap you took together.

May 30: #InternationalHugYourCatDayIt’s a perfect opportunity for all cat owners to express a little extra love to their furry companions. Go ahead and give your cat a big squeeze, curl up on your couch. Give your kitty an extra cuddle today!

Wow! Hopefully this set of social media hashtags and content help you out and you can share them with your audience. I see tons of our partners viewing these updates so we'll keep on going.

Let’s keep going with these social media hashtags, and make sure that our partners have as much headstart on their social media planning as possible. Thanks everyone!


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