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Social Media for Rescues: April 2021

Updated: May 3, 2021

Something that I've been working on, sometimes a lonely endeavor, is being a social media manager at the same time as being a developer, program manager, or even a customer service rep for Dogs BOND. I've found it challenging to keep fresh ideas coming all the time, and it's definitely a grind when you've got to put out engaging content that isn't just sales or requests for donations.

I put together this quick list of upcoming global hashtags and trends that I hope will inspire some of our rescue partners in their content creation this month. If you see a day and a global hashtag that you want to use, go ahead! Use your own photos and then tag #dogsbondgame so we can like and boost your post!

April 2: Take a Walk in the Park Day

April 5: Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

April 7: Walk Around Things Day

April 11: National Pet Day

April 17 thru 24 : Pet ID Week

April 23: Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 23: Take a Chance Day

April 26: Kids and Pets Day

April 30: Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

I plan to expand this effort as I am more able to move away from the production, international logistics, and other small tasks. Maybe I'll have some ready made images that rescue partners can just take and use!

I'd love to get your thoughts, feedback, and of course ideas on how I might be able to build this into a greater resource for rescues! Have a great April!

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